Only $299 take away an Mini Protable CPAP/APAP machine

Only $299 take away an Mini Protable CPAP APAP machine
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This email was sent February 20, 2024 3:57pm

The email offers a limited-time deal on a Mini Portable CPAP/APAP machine, originally priced at $499, now available for only $299. The featured YA50G APAP device is designed to enhance sleep by addressing breathing issues, maintaining optimal humidity levels, and offering portability. It also includes APP monitoring and operates quietly. The email was sent on February 20, 2024, at 3:57 pm. To avail the discount, customers can use the provided coupon code “Q2CW8R3635C6.”

Email Text Version:

Sleep Soundly Breath Easy Anywhere

YA50G APAP Device

Helps Sleep Breathing| Maintain Optimal Humidity| Portable| APP Monitoring| Works Quietly


Save $200 Coupon Code: Q2CW8R3635C6

Email Key Summary:

  • Limited-time offer on Mini Portable CPAP/APAP machine
  • Original price $499, now only $299
  • Featured YA50G APAP device for improved sleep
  • Addresses breathing issues and maintains optimal humidity
  • Portable design for convenience
  • Includes APP monitoring feature
  • Operates quietly for enhanced user experience
  • Save $200 with coupon code: Q2CW8R3635C6.