🚨$280 Dell Touchscreen Ultrabook | Win 11 Ready

🚨$280 Dell Touchscreen Ultrabook | Win 11 Ready
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This email was sent February 6, 2024 9:20pm

The email presents a limited-time deal on Dell Touchscreen Ultrabooks, highlighting their lighter weight than a Macbook Air. Priced at $280, discounted from $370, the 13-inch Ultrabook boasts excellent processing power, fast boot-up, and a brilliant Full HD Touchscreen. Additionally, the email introduces a new HP VR Backpack G2 Gaming PC, emphasizing its impressive gaming performance, compact size, and a significant price reduction from its original $3299. The offer includes a 75% discount on the VR PC, making it an attractive deal for tech enthusiasts.

Email Text Version:

This laptop is lighter than a Macbook Air

Lighter Than a Macbook Air

We decommissioned 100 of these Dell Touchscreen Laptops last Friday. Today, we’re offering the first 20 units at a huge discount. After that, the price will go back to $370.

At just 13 inches, this Dell Ultrabook is a small and lightweight companion for everyday business. It has excellent processing power, fast boot-up time, and a brilliant 13-inch Full HD Touchscreen display. It feels good in your hand and it’s lighter than a Macbook Air!

Slim Apple iMac 27-inch – Limited Quantities

Just In – HP VR Backpack G2 Gaming PC

We received a handful of these incredible HP VR Backpack G2 Gaming PCs. Our make-ready team is testing and getting them ready as I’m typing this.

These PCs were built to play VR games and are loaded with an incredible amount of power for such a small machine. You can expect impressive gaming performance including a smooth frame rate and blazing-fast render times. It has a great selection of ports – including Thunderbolt 3, dual mini DisplayPort, Ethernet, and four USB 3.0 ports. You can hook this up to any monitors or even your TV.

HP sold these VR PCs for $3299 new. It can be yours today for a fraction of the price. 

75% Off MSRP

Email Key Summary:

  • Dell Touchscreen Ultrabook: $280 limited-time offer (originally $370)
    • Lightweight, 13-inch form factor
    • Excellent processing power and fast boot-up
    • Full HD Touchscreen display
  • HP VR Backpack G2 Gaming PC: Reduced from $3299 to a fraction of the price
    • Impressive gaming performance, smooth frame rate, fast render times
    • Compact size with Thunderbolt 3, mini DisplayPort, Ethernet, and USB ports
    • Versatile connectivity for monitors or TV
  • Overall: 75% off on the HP VR PC, making it a compelling tech deal.