$150 Fanless Windows 11 PC | Blow Out Sale 💲💲

$150 Fanless Windows 11 PC Blow Out Sale
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This email was sent February 20, 2024 2:27am

Discover unbeatable deals in this Presidents Day email, featuring a $150 Fanless Windows 11 PC on a blowout sale. With prices slashed by 60-86% sitewide, explore the Clearance Sale items for exclusive discounts. The spotlight is on a $1870 HP Full-Size Workstation PC, equipped with a powerful Quad-Core i7 CPU, 32GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro graphics card, and dual hard drives for optimal performance. Enjoy 70% off retail prices, a one-year warranty, and fast shipping. Act now, as these limited-time offers are perfect for those seeking high-performance PCs at exceptional prices.

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This PC designed to run 24/7 All Day Long ­ ­ ­

This Presidents Day we are dropping prices and highlighting some of our best deals! 60-86% off Sitewide! 

Windows 11 Mini Fanless PC

Blow Out Sale for a limited time. Window 11 preloaded!

$1870 HP Full-Size Workstation PC i7 32GB Nvidia

There is so much power crammed into this Full-Size Tower workstation. It comes with dual hard drives pre-installed. The first is a 512GB Solid State Drive for the OS and application files. The second drive is a 500GB HDD for storage. Photoshop and Premiere run so much faster when there is a second “scratch” drive.

The architectural firm that ordered these new bumped the memory up to 32GB of RAM and added an Nvidia Quadro workstation graphics card. They have the upgraded Quad-Core i7 CPU that runs at 3.4GHZ, are loaded with Windows 10 Pro, and include a one-year parts and labor warranty.

  • Prices 70% OFF Retail
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Fast Shipping

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  • Presidents Day sale featuring a $150 Fanless Windows 11 PC on blowout.
  • Clearance Sale with 60-86% off sitewide.
  • $1870 HP Full-Size Workstation PC with Quad-Core i7 CPU, 32GB RAM, and Nvidia Quadro graphics card.
  • Dual hard drives (512GB SSD and 500GB HDD) for enhanced speed and storage.
  • Upgraded by an architectural firm, perfect for graphics-intensive tasks.
  • 70% off retail prices, 1-year warranty, and fast shipping on all items.
  • Limited-time offers, ideal for those in search of high-performance PCs at discounted rates.