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This email was sent January 14, 2024 10:03pm

This email highlights significant discounts on premium PC accessories. From the high-performance Vulcan II Mini optical switch keyboard to the wireless gaming capabilities of the Burst Pro Air mouse, users can enhance their gaming experience with Roccat products. The Vulcan II Mini is priced at $79, offering a $40 saving, while the Burst Pro Air is available for $49, providing a $20 discount.

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Didn’t Get What You Wished For?

Save big on top pc accessories from the Blazing Titan II optical switch performance of the VULCAN II MINI to the wireless prowess of the burst pro air, put on a light show while bagging victories with Roccat.

VULCAN II MINI – $79 (Save $40)

Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

BRUST Pro Air – $49 (Save $20)

Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Email Key Summary:

  1. Offered Products:
    • Vulcan II Mini: Optical mechanical gaming keyboard.
      • Price: $79
      • Savings: $40
    • Burst Pro Air: Wireless gaming mouse.
      • Price: $49
      • Savings: $20
  2. Brand Focus: Roccat, emphasizing high-performance and wireless gaming.
  3. Overall Theme: Save big on top PC accessories.
  4. Call to Action: Encourages readers to “shop deals”