Oops! Our Apologies: The FALL SAVINGS Event is no longer available!

Oops! Our Apologies The FALL SAVINGS Event is no longer available!
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This email was sent January 11, 2024 11:37pm

The email apologizes for the unavailability of the Fall Savings Event and presents alternative deals on Brother refurbished products. The offerings include discounted prices on various devices such as laser printers and inkjet printers. It emphasizes the reliability of Brother’s refurbished devices, meeting the same standards as new products. Additionally, there’s a promotion for free ground shipping on orders exceeding $49.99. The email also highlights Brother Genuine Supplies, ensuring quality prints, and advocates for environmentally conscious practices, encouraging product recycling.

Email Text Version:

Free Ground Shipping on Orders of $49.99+

With Brother, you can rest assured that your refurbished device meets the same functional and comprehensive testing standards as our new products.


Compact, Personal Laser Printer with Duplex Printing $94.99 to $69.99

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Monochrome Laser All-in-One with Wireless Networking – $199.99 to $149.99

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INKvestment Tank Wireless Multi-Function Three-in-one Color Inkjet Printer with Up to 1-Year of Ink In-box* – $104.99 to $84.99

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INKvestment Tank All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer with NFC, Duplex, and Up to 1-Year of Ink in-box* – $199.99 to $179.99

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Make Sure Your Ink & Toner are as Good as Your Printer

Brother Genuine supplies create crisp, vibrant prints – quality you can rely on!

Why Buy Brother Certified Refurbished?

  • Priced up to 20% off
  • Free Shipping & New Packaging
  • Product Lifetime Technical Service & Support

Recycle Your Brother Products

Brother is committed to reducing landfill waste by reusing parts, recycling materials and conserving energy.

Brother is Committed to Our Planet

We strive to positively and continuously act to decrease the environmental impact and increase the sustainability of our business operations.

Email Key Summary:

  1. Fall Savings Event Apology: Email expresses regret for the concluded event.
  2. Refurbished Device Offers: Highlights discounted Brother refurbished products.
  3. Printer Deals:
    • RHLL2320D Laser Printer: $69.99
    • RMFCL2717DW Monochrome Laser All-in-One: $149.99
    • RMFCJ1205W Color Inkjet Three-in-one: $84.99
    • RMFCJ4535DW Color Inkjet All-in-One: $179.99
  4. Free Ground Shipping: Promotes free shipping on orders exceeding $49.99.
  5. Brother Genuine Supplies: Emphasizes quality prints with genuine ink and toner.
  6. Certified Refurbished Benefits:
    • Up to 20% off
    • Free Shipping & New Packaging
    • Product Lifetime Technical Service & Support
  7. Recycling Initiatives: Encourages recycling of Brother products for environmental sustainability.