Save $10 on the ACXT345 Two-Way Radio Set

Save $10 on the ACXT345 Two-Way Radio Set
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This email was sent January 24, 2024 11:14pm

The email offers a $10 discount on the COBRA ACXT345 Two-Way Radio Set, promoting connectivity during outdoor adventures. The water-resistant walkie-talkies boast a 25-mile range, IPX2 rating for water resistance, NOAA weather alerts, voice-activated transmission (VOX), and channel scan features. The offer includes a 3-pack of ACXT345 radios, providing a reliable communication solution for various seasons.

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SAVE $10 ACXT345 3-Pack

Connect on Outdoor Adventures with these Water – Resistant Walkie Talkies

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Free Shipping on All Purchases $79+

Featuring a range of up to 25 miles, Water Resistant (IPX2) Rating, NOAA Weather Alerts, Voice-Activated Transmission (VOX), Channel Scan and more, the ACXT345 is the perfect solution for keeping in touch in every season.

Save $10 on the ACXT345 3-Pack

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Email Key Summary:

  • Product: COBRA ACXT345 Two-Way Radio Set
  • Discount: Save $10 on the 3-Pack
  • Features:
    • 25-mile range
    • IPX2 water resistance
    • NOAA weather alerts
    • Voice-Activated Transmission (VOX)
    • Channel scan
  • Promotion: Free shipping for purchases over $79
  • Ideal for: Outdoor adventures, ensuring communication in every season