Explore Dyson Zone Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Explore Dyson Zone noise-cancelling headphones
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This email was sent January 14, 2024 11:01pm

Dyson presents its new Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones, featuring advanced noise-cancellation technology for a realistic, detailed audio experience. The headphones offer high-fidelity sound, eight active noise-cancelling microphones, and up to 50 hours of audio-only run time. Additionally, the My Dyson™ app allows users to track sound exposure, monitor air quality, and adjust EQ levels. The email encourages a hands-on experience at the Dyson Demo Store.

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Latest Technology Dyson Zone Pure audio. Advanced noise-cancellation. Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones. Engineered for realistic, detailed audio and an immersive listening experience. right arrow.

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Engineered for realistic, detailed audio High-fidelity sound delivers pure audio across the full frequency range, with crisp treble, clear mid-range and powerful bass.

Exploded view of the ANC components Advanced noise-cancelling Eight active noise-cancelling microphones monitor surrounding noise 384,000 times a second, cancelling background noise. With two additional microphones for telephony and transparency systems.

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Engineered for comfort Cushioned headband that precisely adjusts for a comfortable fit and micro-suede ear cups that seal in sound.

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Up to 50 hours Up to 50 hours audio-only run time

Long battery life gives you up to 50 hours of immersive listening even with ANC.¹ Smart phone screen showing the My Dyson app.

Connects for a richer experience

Track your sound exposure and air quality, adjust EQ levels, and monitor battery and filter life with the My Dyson™ app.² Illustration of the attachable travel visor.

Attachable travel visor

Magnetically attach on your daily commute or when traveling to channel purified air directly to your nose and mouth.

Experience it now at the Dyson Demo Store

Visit the Dyson Demo Store and experience the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones for yourself.

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Talking to us is easy For more information about Dyson technology, talk to a Dyson Expert.

Email Key Summary:

  • Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Advanced noise-cancellation with eight microphones.
  • High-fidelity sound with crisp treble, clear mid-range, and powerful bass.
  • Up to 50 hours of audio-only run time.
  • My Dyson™ app for sound exposure tracking, air quality monitoring, and EQ adjustments.
  • Cushioned headband and micro-suede ear cups for comfort.
  • Attachable travel visor for purified air on the go.
  • Invitation to experience the headphones at the Dyson Demo Store.
  • Accessibility to Dyson Experts for more information about the technology.