Weekend Projectors Flash Sale

Weekend Projectors Flash Sale
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This email was sent January 13, 2024 12:00am

Explore the Weekend Projectors Flash Sale with exciting discounts for 5 days only. Save $800 on 4K Laser TV or Chroma and enjoy a 15% discount on ALR Screens. Elevate your cinematic experience with VAVA products, including the VAVA Chroma, 4K Laser TV, and ALR Screen Pro. Additionally, grab a MiniCima 1080P projector with a $100 discount or a MiniCima 480P with a $50 off. Shop now for cinematic brilliance anywhere.

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Deal of the Week

Save $800 on VAVA 4k Projector

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See it Big, See it Bright

-$800 off 4K Laser TV or Chroma

-15% off ALR Screen

VAVA Chroma

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VAVA 4K Laser TV

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VAVA ALR Screen Pro

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VAVA Chroma + ALR Screen Pro

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AVA 4K Laser TV + ALR Screen Pro

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Experience Cinematic Brilliance Anywhere

-$100 off MiniCima 1080P
-$50 off MiniCima 480P 

VAVA MiniCima 1080P

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VAVA MiniCima 480P

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Email Key Summary:

  • Weekend Projectors Flash Sale, 5 days only
  • $800 off 4K Laser TV or Chroma
  • 15% off ALR Screens
  • Valid from Jan 12th to Jan 16th
  • VAVA products: Chroma, 4K Laser TV, ALR Screen Pro
  • MiniCima 1080P $100 off
  • MiniCima 480P $50 off
  • Elevate cinematic experience at home
  • Limited-time offer for immersive visuals
  • Explore deals on VAVA projectors for TV, baby cam, office, and home use