You Saw It, You Loved It, Now Get It | Plus, Save $800

You Saw It, You Loved It, Now Get It
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This email was sent January 24, 2024 9:15pm

The email promotes a special deal on the Sony 5G 512GB Black device, allowing customers to save $800. The message emphasizes seizing the opportunity to acquire the desired product at a discounted price. The offer is time-sensitive, with the deal concluding on 1/28. The email encourages recipients to shop directly with Sony, highlighting benefits such as free fast shipping, easy returns, and the option to pay over time. It also suggests registering the purchased product for ownership proof, warranty information, and accessing support services on Sony’s website.

Email Text Version:



Get what you really want and save $800.

Like what you saw of the Sony 5G 512GB (Unlocked) Black? There’s no better time to get it—but hurry.

Save Now

Email Key Summary:

  1. Deal Details: Special offer on Sony 5G 512GB (Unlocked) Black.
  2. Discount: Save $800 on the desired product.
  3. Expiration: Act fast, deal ends on 1/28.
  4. Purchase Venue: Shop directly with Sony.
  5. Benefits: Free fast shipping, easy 30-day returns, and pay-over-time option.
  6. Registration: Encouraged for ownership proof and warranty information.
  7. Support Services: Explore Sony’s website for help, software updates, and user manuals.
  8. Brand Interaction: Claim your brand on Milled.
  9. Product Showcase: TVs, Cameras, Audio, and Mobile devices featured.