Only 250 of this Keyboard Exist…

Only 250 of this Keyboard Exist
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This email was sent January 24, 2024 9:40pm

The email introduces the Apex Pro Mini White Gold Edition, a limited-edition gaming keyboard with only 250 units available. Crafted for performance, it features custom materials such as PBT keycaps, a CNC aluminum case, and a brass top plate for enhanced typing feel and RGB effects. The keyboard comes with a bespoke brass weight plate, unique numbering, and OmniPoint 2.0 HyperMagnetic Adjustable switches for 40-level per-key customizability. Celebrating the launch of the custom gear shop, the email emphasizes thoughtful refinement in design and offers SteelSeries GG for improved gaming experiences.

Email Text Version:

Apex Pro Mini Prebuilt

White Gold Edition

We’re celebrating the launch of our custom gear shop with a collector’s edition release of our championship-winning keyboard. Every detail has been thoughtfully refined.

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Re-Imagining the Champion

Custom Crafted Materials:
PBT Keycaps: satisfying grip and keystrokes, double shot for lasting details.
CNC Aluminum Case: for looks and stability.
Brass Top Plate: better typing feel, enhances RGB.

Double-Sleeved Coiled Cable:
Premium white double-sleeved braided coiled cable, designed for organized, clutter-free space. 

Truly One-of-a-Kind:
Bespoke brass weight plate for premium heft and unique keyboard numbering; 40-level per-key customizability with OmniPoint 2.0 Hyper Magnetic Adjustable switches. 

Get More Out of Your Game

SteelSeries GG helps create better connections with your gear, your people, and your game — including all the RGB customization you can handle.

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Email Key Summary:

  • Limited release: Apex Pro Mini White Gold Edition (only 250 units).
  • Crafted for performance: PBT keycaps, CNC aluminum case, and brass top plate.
  • Exclusive features: bespoke brass weight plate, unique numbering, and Omni Point 2.0 Hyper Magnetic Adjustable switches.
  • One-of-a-kind design with 40-level per-key customizability.
  • Premium double-sleeved braided coiled cable for an organized, clutter-free space.
  • Celebrating custom gear shop launch.
  • SteelSeries GG for enhanced gaming connections and RGB customization.
  • Time-sensitive offer.