Up to 30% OFF – Ending Soon

Up to 30% OFF
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This email was sent January 24, 2024 4:35pm

The email announces a limited-time January Sale by Casio, offering up to 30% off on musical instruments, watches, and calculators. The sale features exclusive bundles, discounted timepieces, and a special promotion on the FX-83GT CW Pink calculator with a 20% discount code. The offer includes free accessories, online lessons, and UK delivery. Urgency is emphasized, urging recipients to seize the discounts before the sale concludes on January 31st.

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Time is running out to catch the best deals at the Casio January Sale! Don’t miss your chance to discover our selection of musical instruments, innovative calculators, and vintage watches at discounted prices. Hurry, as the sale ends on January 31st. Grab yours before they’re gone – happy shopping!

Casio the January Sale

CT-S100 Bundle (£128.99 to £103.20)

• FREE Power Adapter.
• FREE Height Adjustable Keyboard Stand.
• FREE Headphones for silent practice.
• FREE Online Lessons worth £49.99.
• FREE UK Delivery included (normally 48 hours).

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A168WERG-2AEF (£59.90 to £41.93)

Enjoy retro nostalgia and fashion style with gradated hues on this watch. Beyond fashion, it offers practical features like a stopwatch, alarm, and water resistance for worry-free daily use, even on rainy days.

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FX-83GT CW Pink (£16.49)

For a limited time only, get 20% off at checkout with promotional code “JANSALE24”

The Casio FX-83GT CW ClassWiz: upgraded version of the best-selling FX-83GT X, with a high-definition display and improved menu navigation. Approved for all UK exams allowing calculators, recommended for Key Stages 3 & 4.

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Email Key Summary:

  • Casio’s January Sale: Up to 30% off on musical instruments, watches, and calculators.
  • CT-S100 Bundle: £103.20 with free power adapter, keyboard stand, headphones, online lessons, and UK delivery.
  • A168WERG-2AEF Watch: £41.93 with retro style, stopwatch, alarm, and water resistance features.
  • FX-83GT CW Pink Calculator: £16.49 with 20% off (code JANSALE24), high-definition display, and improved menu navigation.
  • Special Offer: Half-price Casio protective case (£4.99) with the purchase of the FX-83GT CW Pink calculator.